John Scott & Alison Crockford

Bank of England

Oz Alashe is joined by John Scott and Alison Crockford from the Bank of England to discuss the impact of technology on our ever evolving society. Covering topics such as the internet of things and the technology skills gap.

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About Alison

Security Communications Manager at Bank of England

Alison Crockford is a communications and organisational psychology specialist. She joined the security industry after a varied career involving everything from running nightclubs to explaining the science of gene editing. She has worked at the Bank of England since mid-2017.

About John

John Scott heads the Security Education programme for the Bank of England, delivering a series of events and communications to all staff designed to raise awareness of the issues around physical, personnel and information security, and to encourage behavioural and ultimately cultural change.  

Prior to his work at the BankJohn was an IT trainer in Further and Higher Education for 20 years giving him a strongly honed sympathy for the frustrations many people feel when faced with new technology. John is passionate about communicating the why and giving easily actionable advice, believing that most people want to be more secure, they’re just not necessarily sure how to become so.


John Scott & Alison Crockford

Bank of England


  • The absorption and dependence of technology within society
  • Gap between dependent tech users and those who don’t understand the power of the tech they are using
  • IOT and security problems of connected devices – consumers not realising that they are a risk because so many of their other devices (phones & computers are more secure by design)
  • Increased access to technology has allowed for greater exposure to the problems and suffering in parts of the world which we couldn’t access in the past
  • How we share our information and how others use that information & effect of the data that both young and old put on social media