Louise Cockburn


Louise Cockburn, Security Awareness & Culture Manager at Quilter, joins Oz Alashe to look at motive & motivation, the challenge of understanding and measuring culture and how a new generation entering the workforce is going to impact security. Louise shed some really useful insight on the more considered approaches to security awareness and how skill sets in cyber security are changing for the better.

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About Louise

Louise has been working in Security Awareness and Culture since 2013, for 3 different industries and came from a network and security engineering background before that.

She is fascinated by people and their motivations (the good AND the bad guys), and believes we need to understand our audience and their priorities and values, and employ strategies rooted in psychology and behavioural economics to provide the best outcomes.

From the beginning, she has been unconvinced by the effectiveness of tick box’ exercises and has tried to avoid the traditional off-the-shelf options, preferring approaches more akin to creative and marketing campaigns and looking to these areas to help inform ways to collect feedback and engagement metrics.

She’s currently looking at the future of their workforce and ways of working, and thinking about how that could change the way they approach security culture in years to come.

Louise Cockburn



  • How the knowledge gap in the human aspect of security is shrinking
  • Why tangible security culture is so hard to measure, but is really important
  • How a more tech-savvy workforce changes approaches to security
  • The ‘yin and yang’ of security responsibility
  • Why hiring companies ought to considernon-traditional skill sets for modern security roles