Ed Bishop

CTO & Co Founder at Tessian

Oz Alashe chats to Ed Bishop, CTO & Co-founder of Tessian, about machine learning, building trust with people through software and how to better leverage security data in your organisation. There’s also a great discussion on how industry and the education sector can work together to narrow the tech sector gender gap.

Discussion points:

  • Ed’s background, and how Tessian was founded.
  • How to identify “product market fit” and why that takes longer than you might think.
  • Why rules and policies will never prevent human error.
  • The “chicken and egg” problem of machine learning ventures.
  • Leveraging data as an asset in your organisation.

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About Ed

Ed is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Tessian, the human layer security platform. He is responsible for leading the engineering, product and data science teams. 

 Following a career in M&A, Ed co-founded Tessian and built the early platform. The platform uses machine learning to protect people from email risks like data exfiltration, accidental data loss and phishing.

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