Gary Belvin

Tech Lead, Key Transparency, Google

Oz Alashe, CEO of CybSafe, is joined by Gary Belvin, Technology Lead of Key Transparency at Google. They discuss the ethical issues of digital transformation and the impact of technological advances on society. Gary also gives advice to people at the start of their careers in technology and how to cope with the pressure of working remotely.

Discussion points:

  • Has Gary’s career made him sceptical about the safety of technology?
  • What excites Gary about future developments in technology.
  • Should organisations be blamed for security breaches.
  • The ethical issues around how we apply technology.
  • Should we be concerned about the way that society uses technology?
  • Advice from Gary about coping with the pressures of remote working during COVID-19.

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About Gary

Gary is the lead for Google’s Key Transparency, a blockchain technology that secures accounts regardless of internal compromise or insider risk. He was the director of the CSIS Cyber Policy Task Force working with over 40 Bay Area CISOs. 

Before Google, Gary served in the NSA’s Tailored Access Operations unit. His graduate work produced an end-to-end encryption protocol that inspired Signal and WhatsApp. 

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