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Imogen Verret

Senior Security Awareness Manager, Vodafone Group

Oz Alashe, CEO of CybSafe, and Sam Oliver, Senior Product Specialist at CybSafe, chat to Senior Security Professional Imogen Verret. They talk about her experience working in cyber security and technology. Imogen gives thoughts on user desensitisation to cyber risks and the ethical implications of digital transformation.

Discussion points:

  • Imogen’s journey from public servant to tech specialist.
  • Changing the behaviour of people who are indifferent to security.
  • The “normalisation” of data loss and cyber security breaches.
  • Exciting advances in how people use technology to address issues.
  • The role of leaders in implementing technological solutions.

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About Imogen

Imogen is the Senior Security Awareness Manager for Vodafone Group. Before Vodafone, she was the Senior Security and Assurance Manager at Cloud & Hosting. Her role was focused on Project Cirrus; the joint Cloud & Hosting venture with IBM.

Imogen served in the British Army for 17 years, specialising in security and intelligence. Her role spanned tactical analysis, training and development, information operations, and strategic intelligence. She served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Hawaii, and labels the latter “by far the most beautiful”.

By her own admission, Imogen has an “unusual” academic background in Zoology and Developmental Behavioural Modelling (DBM). Outside of work, she enjoys cross-country marathons, boxing and horse riding.

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