Jinan Budge

Principal Analyst

Oz Alashe, CEO of CybSafe is joined by Jinan Budge, Principal Analyst at Forrester. They discuss observations they have seen in businesses during the pandemic. They also touch on working remotely, mental health and Jinan’s personal experiences in these areas.

Discussion points:

  • Jinan’s background, career and areas of research.
  • Mental health and burnout of those working remotely during the pandemic.
  • Changes within businesses which Jinan has observed.
  • Diversification and equality within the technology sector.

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About Jinan

Jinan leads Forrester’s security and risk research in Asia Pacific. Her research focuses on:

  • enabling the success of chief information security officers (CISOs),
  • creating transformational cybersecurity strategies,
  • and building security awareness, behaviour, and culture programmes at the heart of security strategies.

Jinan is a champion for diversity and inclusion in security. She brings local and global perspectives and cultural lenses to her research and practice. 

She has previously worked as director of cyber strategy at Transport for NSW and held a similar role with Qantas Airlines.

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