Lucy Payne

Security Education and Training Specialist at AVIVA


Oz Alashe, CEO of CybSafe and Sam Oliver, Product Marketing Manager at CybSafe are joined by Lucy Payne, Security Education and Training Specialist at AVIVA. They discuss the security of remote working during the global pandemic, whether society is becoming less trusting of the government, and advice Lucy would give to women and people in their early security careers.

Discussion points:

  • How has Lucy’s work on the human aspect of cyber security changed since the global pandemic?
  • How would Lucy advise people who are working remotely to stay secure?
  • Are we becoming more or less trusting as a society?
  • How we should be encouraging women to get involved in security.

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About Lucy

Lucy Payne is a security education and training specialist. 

Lucy works at Aviva. She is particularly interested in human behaviour in security and finding out what makes people “tick”. 

Her approach to culture change is to play the long game, prioritising the “why” over the “what”.

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