Madeline Howard

Socio-Technical Engagement Manager, NCSC i100 CyberFirst Schools, Director at CyNam

Oz Alashe, CEO of CybSafe and Joe Giddens, Head of Content at CybSafe are joined by Madeline Howard. Madeline is the Socio-Technical Engagement Manager at Cygenta and a Director at Cyber Cheltenham (CyNam). She is also an Industry Engagement Coordinator for the NCSC’s Cyber Schools Hub. They discuss the less-talked-about non-technical routes into a cyber security career. As well as the various initiatives available for young people seeking a career in cyber security.

Discussion points:

  • Madeline’s route into cyber security and the advice she would give to other non-technical people seeking the same thing.
  • Some the initiatives young people can engage with to start a career in cyber security.
  • What employers do to encourage more young women to apply for cyber security jobs.
  • Madeline’s tips for young people wanting to start a career in security.

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About Madeline

As Social-Technical Engagement Manager at Cygenta, Madeline develops and expands offerings in the human side of cyber security. She works closely with the head of the socio-technical team to positively influence awareness, behaviour and culture in organisations around the world. 

Her work as an NCSC i100 for the CyberFirst Schools initiative focuses on inspiring young people to consider careers within the industry. Madeline is also a Director of the Cyber Cluster in Cheltenham, CyNam (Cyber Cheltenham).

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