Marilise de Villiers

Founder & CEO at MDVB Consulting

Marilise de Villiers, Founder & CEO of MDVB Consulting, joins CybSafe CEO Oz Alashe to discuss improving human performance, habits and behaviours.

Discussion points:

  • How Marilise helps people improve their productivity and performance.
  • Marilise’s new book, ROAR!
  • Building healthy habits at home.
  • Bullying in the workplace.
  • Technology’s impact on well-being and performance.

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About Marilise

Marilise de Villiers is the author of ROAR! How to tame the bully inside and out. She is also the CEO of Marilise de Villiers Basson Consulting.

As a high-performance coach, Marilise’s passion is to help people grow, succeed and be happy. She works with executives to promote the integral roles that people and organisational cultures play in keeping society safe in our digital world.

Marilise also helps implement innovative people solutions to create and embed high-performing cultures. 

Marilise’s private coaching clients need help to navigate toxic situations. They typically feel isolated and alone and are tired of firefighting. They need a simple approach that helps them take control of their situation. Marilise’s proven formula allows people to reach their full potential without sacrificing their happiness.

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