Dr Phil Morgan

Reader in Human Factors at Cardiff University & Technical Lead in Cyber Psychology at Airbus

Dr Phil Morgan, Reader in Human Factors & Cognitive Science at Airbus, sits down with Oz Alashe and Dr John Blythe from CybSafe. They discuss why people-centric design, personalised interventions and identifying where people need help are so important in influencing good security behaviours.

Discussion points:

  • Phil’s journey into psychology and his academic experience.
  • Applying psychological research and principles to technology use.
  • Phil’s research on cyber security engagement.
  • How the “humanisation” of AI could dictate its adoption across society.
  • The Airbus accelerator, and how you can get involved.

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About Phil

Dr. Morgan is a Reader (top-tier Associate Professor) in Human Factors and Cognitive Science within the School of Psychology at Cardiff University. 

The author of over 80 peer-reviewed publications, Dr. Morgan is an international expert in cyber psychology, HMI design, HCI, interruption/distraction effects, transport and intelligent-mobility, and adaptive cognition. 

Dr Morgan is currently seconded as Technical Lead for Cyber Psychology and Human Factors at Airbus. He leads the new and first-in-class Airbus Accelerator in Human-Centric Cyber Security. 

Alongside collaborators, Dr. Morgan has secured more than £20M of research funding. He has acted as Principal Investigator and/or Institute Lead on many research projects.

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