Reena Shah

Director, Cyber Security Strategy and Culture, Refinitiv

Oz Alashe and Joe Giddens of CybSafe speak with Reena Shah, Director of Cyber Security Strategy and Culture at Refinitiv. They discuss how Reena came to work in security awareness, how to harness other business functions to help run successful security campaigns, and the power of role models.

Discussion points:

  • How to make it easy for people to do the right thing whilst they’re working from home.
  • What organisations can do to better communicate with displaced workforces.
  • Reena’s thoughts on the ethics of using COVID-19 templates in simulated phishing campaigns.
  • How organisations can use data to supercharge their security training & awareness programmes.

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About Reena

Reena is the Director of Cyber Security Strategy and Culture at Refinitiv. She is passionate about employee learning and overcoming information security challenges. Reena is also interested in and excited by building awareness and culture initiatives that have sustainable impacts. 

Reena is keen to explore how human behaviour can help reveal the root causes of cyber attacks so the security community can develop more effective, meaningful and creative security solutions.

Reena is a former Head of the Information Security Culture and Skills at M&G Prudential.


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