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Dr Sam Shah

Global Digital Advisor and NHS Clinician, Ivory Clinic

Oz Alashe, CEO of CybSafe, and Dr John Blythe, Head of Behavioural Science at CybSafe are joined by Dr Sam Shah, Former Director of Transformation at NHSX. Their discussion centres around the healthcare industry, technology and security during the pandemic. Sam also provides insights into digital transformation in the public sector.

Discussion points:

  • Sam’s background in healthcare and NHSX.
  • What challenges has technology solved?
  • What has enabled digital transformation within the NHS?
  • How to design secure apps and devices.
  • What new opportunities are there within the healthcare industry because of COVID-19?
  • Contact tracing apps and the concerns around data privacy and security.

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About Sam

Dr Sam Shah is a Global Clinical & Digital Adviser. He has worked for the NHS and international government agencies. Sam was previously Director of Digital Development for NHSX. He is a Specialist and a Clinical Director in NHS primary care. 

Sam has worked across the UK health system in primary care, public health, acute services, education & training and regulation. Amongst his many accolades, Sam worked on the flagship project to digitise urgent care in the NHS.

 He has supported the development of a number of projects in England but has also worked with Governments and digital health start-ups overseas. Sam was one of the inaugural members of the NHS Digital Academy and is committed to improving diversity in the workforce. He is involved in postgraduate teaching with a number of UK universities.

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