Sean Madigan

Director, UK & Nordics, Secure Code Warrior

Sean Madigan, Director UK & Nordics at Secure Code Warrior joins Oz and Joe from CybSafe for this PeepSec session. Covering a range of topics including how covid has helped to create cohesion among teams and the undeniable benefits of a people centric approach to security. To Sean’s concerns with the security market and the opportunities for people who want to enter the industry.

Discussion points:

  • The effect of forced remote working on teams, in particular how software developers interact with InfoSec.
  • Relationship between compliance and security awareness training/secure coding.
  • How a people centric approach to security should be the main approach businesses take.
  • What business can do to try and improve culture.
  • What opportunities are there for developers wanting to enter the industry.

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About Sean

Sean Madigan is the Director for the UK & Nordics at Secure Code Warrior, a global security company that makes software development better and more secure

As one of the earliest employees at Secure Code Warrior, Sean has played a key role building the EMEA commercial practice, on-boarding and working closely with major organisations in the finance, retail and technology verticals. 

Sean has a background in finance and engineering. Sean graduated from the University of Limerick with First Class Honors in Engineering.

Sean’s recent speaking events include

  • Pitch at Palace
  • GCHQ 
  • Research Institute in Science of Cyber Security
  • DISSCON by NetSuite
  • OWASP Ireland

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