Simeon Quarrie

Founder & Visual Storyteller, VIVIDA

Simeon Quarrie, Founder & Visual Storyteller at Vivida joins Oz and Sam from CybSafe for this PeepSec session. They discuss how Simeon found his creative spark which led to him telling stories and making topics such as cyber security, business continuity and even weddings far more engaging. Couple this with how he’s used his talents to support diversity & inclusion, inspire others and encourage authenticity, we have a session which is not to be missed.

Discussion points:

  • How VR will change the entertainment industry.

  • The most exciting innovation in technology that’s impressed Simeon.

  • The importance of storytelling in engaging with people on challenging subjects.

  • Does technology have a case to answer on both sides of the mental health discussion?

  • Whether VR is an effective way to change people’s behaviour.

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About Simeon

A breath of fresh air in the cyber security world, Simeon Quarrie brings his unique approach, creative skills and flair for innovation to an industry that’s typically dominated by IT specialists.

Simeon realised early in his career that storytelling can influence people and drive change. Starting out as a filmmaker, he went on to found Vivida as a team of passionate creatives with experience in virtual reality, filmmaking, gamification and interactivity. The team has worked with the likes of Sky, Barclays and Heathrow Airport to change people’s behaviour and communicate with external stakeholders. Today, it’s imperative businesses keep up with the ever-evolving threat landscape, and Simeon and the Vivida team use creativity and expertise to support such efforts. 

The lines between Simeon’s work and personal life aren’t clear-cut. Simeon works with young people and mentors those keen to break into creative industries. Simeon once struggled to be accepted as a young, black person. Now, he helps others break down similar barriers.

Given his love of telling stories, it almost goes without saying that Simeon is a great communicator. He’s articulate, confident and good company.


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