SPRITE + panel

SPRITE + Panel

Dr John Blythe, Head of Behavioural Science at CybSafe, hosts a panel session with the SPRITE+ community. He is joined by Dr Julie Gore, Reader in Organizational Psychology at the University of Bath, and Dr Jonathan Foster, Lecturer in Information Management at the University of Sheffield. They discuss the work of SPRITE+, the accounability and ethical challenges related to digital ecosystems, and how psychological research on decision making can help organisations address these issues.

Dr Jonathan Foster

Lecturer in Information Management at University of Sheffield

Dr Julie Gore

Reader in Organizational Psychology at University of Bath

Discussion points:

  • What is SPRITE+?
  • Julie and Jonathan’s backgrounds and how they found an interest in security.
  • What is a digital ecosystem?
  • How can we address the issues related with communicating in digital environments?
  • How can we harness heuristics to encourage positive decision making online?
  • Are there areas where accountability and ethics are more established?
  • How can you get involved with SPRITE+ challenge working group?
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About Jonathan

Jonathan investigates data governance in a digital world. He is Principal Investigator for the EPSRC SPRITE+ research project Accountability and Ethics in a Digital Ecosystem. He is also Principal Investigator for the Wellcome Trust Public Engagement project Tools for Life: Data Sharing and Public Health.

Jonathan has multidisciplinary research experience via his PI and Co-I involvement in a number of UKRI projects. He also has extensive teaching experience in Information Governance & Ethics. 

Jonathan has acted as Sub-Dean for UG Affairs for the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Sheffield. He has also worked in the commercial sector as a Senior Database Coordinator for Current Science.

About Julie

Dr Julie Gore is a Chartered Psychologist and Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS). Her research focuses include Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM) and expertise. Julie studies how people take decisions at work. In particular, Julie investigates decision-making in ill-defined and uncertain organisational contexts. 

Julie has explored the cognitive decision making processes of professionals in management, health, engineering, the military, day trading and aviation. 

Dr. Gore is an Expert Fellow for SPRITE+ and an academic advisor for Nasdaq’s Behavioural Science Lab.

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