Tinesh Chhaya-round photo

Tinesh Chhaya

CEO, Decipher Cyber

Tinesh Chhaya, CEO at Decipher Cyber, joins Oz and Sam from CybSafe to talk about his journey into entrepreneurship. Along the way they talk about mental wellbeing, good stress vs. bad stress and how people can reconnect after the pandemic.

Discussion points:

  • What got Tinesh into technology, and what excites him about its use in modern society.
  • The leap into entrepreneurship and what he’s learned during that process.
  • Stress, mindfulness and wellbeing as part of our daily schedule.
  • A glimpse into Tinesh’s mentoring and why he focuses on positivity, energy & authenticity.
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About Tinesh

A 16-year corporate employee, who left the security blanket of employment, to become an entrepreneur and build multiple cyber security start-ups within 24 months. Tinesh has written about his journey and shares his story on his own personal blog site.  

Tinesh is a mentor and motivator and assists individuals who are considering an entrepreneurial career. He is a Forbes Technology Council member, which is an invitation only global executive technology group.

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