Benjamin Oghene

Founder, The Cozm

Benjamin Oghene, the Global Product Innovation Leader at Vialto Partners, talks tech with CybSafe’s Ben Donaldson. This fascinating conversations covers virtual reality (VR) in education, brain-computer interfaces and a story about how a false arrest inspired a business idea.

Discussion points:

  • The war on talent and mitigating human bias
  • Understanding global workforce laws and regulations
  • Virtual reality as a tool in educating people about cognitive biases
  • Brain computer interfaces
  • The impact of social media on dopamine levels
  • Engaging with content that has value beyond the dopamine boost

About Benjamin

Benjamin is the founder of The Cozm. He has an extensive background as a technology and innovation leader, helping people navigate the global workforce within this digital age. Benjamin is also an experienced advocate on the power of diversity, especially at leadership level.