Ceri Jones

head of security awareness & community, the lego group

The LEGO Group Head of Security Awareness & Community, Ceri Jones, meets with CybSafe’s David Rankine. Highlighting the importance of language and positivity, Ceri tackles adaptability, empathy, and setting realistic expectations in the cyber-sphere.

Discussion points:

  • Security awareness at LEGO Group
  • The importance of positive language in security awareness
  • Creativity in security awareness
  • Empathy as a starting point
  • Balancing research and realistic outcomes
  • Meeting the combinations of varying needs
  • Why “behaviour change” is a misleading phrase
  • Working at LEGO

About Ceri Jones

Ceri is the Head of Security Awareness & Community for The LEGO Group. With over 10 years of experience specialising in People Centred Security and Security Awareness, Ceri has always maintained a focus on positive security and positive language.

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