Jeff Wellstead

Founder & CEO, Big Bear Partners

Jeff Wellstead, an expert in transformative talent development, is the Founder & CEO of Big Bear Partners. Join the conversation as he chats to CybSafe’s Veronika Bondareva about building empathy into organisations, the importance of leadership buy-in and the relationship between HR and tech.

Discussion points:

  • How to build empathy into digital workspaces
  • Ways to make tech more approachable for people from diverse backgrounds
  • The difference between building empathy into an organisation and building it into your personal life
  • Empathy as the antithesis of hierarchical corporates
  • How to make sure that company values persist
  • The relationship between HR and tech

About Jeff Wellstead

Jeff is Founder & CEO of Big Bear Partners, which helps companies embrace new workforce innovation. He began his 30+ year human resource leadership career in NYC working with global consulting, investment banking and technology organisations for 17 years until his move to the UK, where he has since focused on deep technology and biotech hyper-growth.

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