Juliet Okafor

Security culture curator, ceo & founder, revolutioncyber

CEO and founder of RevolutionCyber, Juliet Okafor, chats with CybSafe’s Ester Najjuma about the importance and benefits of a strong security culture. The two touch on the use cases for Virtual Reality (VR) in training and the differences in approach to security globally.

Discussion points:

  • Working at Revolution Cyber
  • The importance of empathy
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and security awareness training
  • Three challenges companies commonly face in security
  • Creating a strong security culture
  • Training non-technical individuals
  • How to approach different regions worldwide as a CISO
  • The future of security

About Juliet Okafor

Juliet is CEO & Founder of RevolutionCyber, supporting organisations with creative security training and awareness-building backed by behavioral psychology and social science. Her extensive experience in leading dynamic operations and emerging technology initiatives is built on her background in Law, Public Communication and Media Sudies.