Kevin Lewis

senior developer advocate at deepgram & director of you got this!

Senior Developer Advocate at Deepgram, Kevin Lewis, discusses empathy and accessibility with CybSafe’s David Rankine. Kevin and David explore speech-to-text technology and its future, the state of the tech industry and the importance of development advocacy.

Discussion points:

  • How to break into the tech industry
  • Why we haven’t mastered speech-to-text technology
  • Being a Developer Advocate
  • The ‘move fast, break things’ mantra and how it aligns with empathy
  • Technology and its future applications in the context of accessibility
  • Deepgram, You Got This! and other personal projects

About Kevin Lewis

Kevin serves as Senior Developer Advocate at Deepgram where he helps engineers make sure every voice is heard through speech recognition. He is also Director of You Got This, a learning hub with events focused on core skills needed for a happy and healthy work life.