Sarah Janes

Owner & Managing Director, Layer 8

“Conversations change culture”. That’s according to Sarah Janes, a Security Behaviour Change Specialist and the Owner & Managing Director of Layer 8. Join the conversation as Sarah and CybSafe’s Joe Giddens discuss security messaging and its link to behaviour change.

Discussion points:

  • The link between conversations and behaviour changes
  • Storytelling as an educational tool
  • Opening up security conversations to everyone
  • How to scale conversations
  • The future of security champions
  • How organisations should tackle security messaging
  • Emojis and their place in a professional environment

About Sarah

Sarah is the Owner & Managing Director of Layer 8, a cyber security consulting, advisory and technical service that focuses on getting people talking and collaborating to reduce risk. She also developed the ‘conversations change culture’ blueprint, which is used by many global businesses to create proactive measurable change.