Tanya Powell

co-cto, coding black females

Co-CTO at Coding Black Females, Tanya Powell, talks digital spaces, tech leadership and education with CybSafe’s Jonathan Webster. Tanya discusses her surprising journey into software engineering and the staggering discovery of her innate pedagogical talents.

Discussion points:

  • Getting into software engineering
  • Technology leadership
  • Coding Black Females’ vision
  • Being a co-CTO and defining and sharing responsibilities
  • Beyond Fantasy
  • Becoming a great educator in the industry
  • Technologies and methods to keep track of Coding Black Females’ impact
  • Including diverse talent in the industry
  • Use hybrid technology to deliver Coding Black Females

About Tanya Powell

Tanya Powell is the Co-CTO at Coding Black Females, where she leads the training and technology strategies and visions of the largest network on Black Female Technologists in the UK. Prior to that, Tanya was a Senior Software Engineer focused on the frontend. As an educator, Tanya has taught many entering the world of technology and continually mentors.